Globe Engineering Capabilities

Our core competencies include tube-bending, machining, welding, and complex assemblies, as well as hydroforming, metal spinning, heat treating, and much more.

Some of the biggest names in the aircraft and aviation industries depend on Globe Engineering to make the assemblies and aircraft parts they need. Since 1946, we've established a reputation as a company that finds solutions when others say it's not possible. 

We are dedicated to quality at every stage of the process, and offer quick turnaround to meet the fast-paced demands of our customers. Globe Engineering builds a wide range of aircraft parts that excel in quality, precision, and performance.

Required tooling is built in-house for form, trim, assembly, and check fixtures, while utilizing customer-furnished CATIA, IGES, and engineering data. Our heat treat, non-destructive testing, and weld processes are NADCAP-accredited.

Tube Bending

We bend 1/8” to 8” diameter tubes in a variety of alloys, including aluminum, inconel, stainless and titanium.

We also hot-form bend tubes up to 6” diameter and manufacture double-wall fuel tubes.

Our state-of-the-art AICON TubeInspect Optical Measuring Units rapidly scan and verify bend angles and overall tube configuration.

We bend tubes for aircraft and aerospace fuel lines and hydraulic systems, as well as for anti-icing and bleed air assemblies.


Globe's in-house machining capability includes multiple Five-Axis CNC machines and CNC Turning Centers with live machining, automated Five-Axis robot arms, and internal pallet loaders for 24-hour, high-speed machining to help us meet our customers' delivery schedules.

Complex Assemblies

In our 20,000 square foot Assembly area, we build complex aircraft and aerospace assemblies, including desktop and larger assemblies.

We work with aluminum, stainless steel, inconel and titanium, as well as non-metallic materials, including duct insulation, and silicone and rubber seals.


Rivets: button, flush, double-flush and blind. We also work with Hi-locks, clinch nuts and ground studs.

Adhesive Bonding

We use customer-approved products from 3M, Bostik, Dow Corning and PRC DeSoto.


Welded Assemblies

Globe Engineering’s NADCAP-accredited welding capabilities include manual and automatic GTAW and RSEW welding of complex aircraft assemblies, a Class A cleanroom, plus track, seam, spot, and automatic orbital welding.


In 1964, Globe bought the very first Cincinnati Deep-Draw Hydroform Machine that was ever built.

Since then, we’ve increased our number of Deep-Draw Hydroform machines to seven, from 12” to 32” blank diameter capacity.

The Deep-Draw Hydroform process is superior to other forming methods for many reasons: faster cycle times, less expensive tooling, and consistent production. The first part in a production lot is identical to the final part because there’s no swelling of the die. Urethane blanks eliminate marring of metal part surface, reduce thin-out, allow tighter radii, and the creation of more complex shapes.


Globe performs hydro-spinning of propeller spinners, cones and cylindrical shapes from aluminum and stainless steel.

Heat Treating

Heat Treating Capabilities

Globe is NADCAP-accredited to Heat Treat aluminum, stainless steel, precipitation-hardening steel, Inconel, titanium, and other exotic metals. We also age-harden aluminum and precipitation-hardening steels.


  • Two Aluminum Drop Bottom-Quenching Furnaces with Heat Chamber Dimensions of 6’ x 6’ x 8’
  • Two Vacuum Furnaces with Heat Chamber Dim. of 60” Dia. x 60” Height (Vertical Load) and 60” x 60” (Front Load)
  • Seven Aluminum Age Ovens up to 72” Wide x 216” Deep x 78” High
  • Cryogenic Heat Treat Chamber

24/7 Offload Flat-Sheet Laser-Cutting

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Globe's Trumpf 1040 Fiber Laser cuts a wide variety of flat-sheet materials and thicknesses up to 1,000 inches per minute with little or no deburring. Unmanned, automatic nozzle changer, loading tower, and pallet-changer provide the option of overnight turnaround. Compatible with IGES, CATIA, and all other data formats.

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